The Brand


Over a decade ago, a small and genuine diner opened its doors to the public in Ashrafieh and took Lebanon by storm.

ROADSTER DINER first opened its chrome and glass doors to the public in Ashrafieh in 1998. The idea was simple, as you might expect a great idea to be: create the swingingest, homiest, most authentic diner experience the city had ever seen.

And the city responded! Pretty soon the private dining booths were crowded and the pedestal stools were warm around the clock.

Thanks to the incredible customer response, ROADSTER DINER went on to open several more outlets. In fact, all the growth we’ve done since we first set out –the Beirut Delivery Center in 1999, the Jal el Dib outlet in 2002, our hopping two-storey diner in the Downtown area, our genuine stand-alone diner on the Jounieh highway in 2004, the Hamra (with the second floor added in 2009) and City Mall diners in 2005, the outlets in ABC Dbayeh and Le Mall Sin el Fil in 2009, and the opening of our Verdun branch in 2010- On October 19th, 2011 in ABC Ashrafieh ROADSTER DINER opened the doors of its 10th branch in one of the country’s most popular malls. It would not have been possible without our faithful guests, who kept coming back for more and more.

Our unique character, guaranteed cleanliness, impeccable quality and the same great service in all our diners has been repaid a hundredfold by our customers’ loyalty. It is their discerning taste in both food and atmosphere that has put ROADSTER DINER on the map, so to speak.

And since there can never be too much of a good thing, we can guarantee that the region will be seeing more of us in the coming years…

Stay tuned.